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Download 3DimMaker manual for quick introduction to the software

The 3DimMaker manual is included in the software. Recent version in PDF format is available here on our web pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What "slicer" and "G-code" are?

Slicer is an application that cuts the printed polygonal 3D model into horizontal layers and generates the G-code, i.e. instructions for the printer how to print the layers.

How can I change slicing settings?

Turn on Expert Mode by clicking on the "head" icon in the toolbar. Printing Profiles panel will appear on the screen where some basic settings can be changed directly. Alternatively, you can duplicate any built in profile and edit all the settings by clicking on the Edit button below the list of profiles.

How can I create a new printing profile?

New profiles can only be derived from the existing ones. Therefore, you should choose a profile most compatible to your idea and click on Duplicate.

My printer is not supported!?

To add a custom printer to the application, please go to the Preferences dialog and click on Edit Printers. If you set all parameters properly but the printing does not work anyway, please contact our technical support and provide us as many details as possible - e.g. your printer configuration and the print log accessible from the Advanced tab in the Preferences dialog.

Model was not sliced properly. What can I do?

You can attempt to repair the model in Expert Mode: turn on the mode by clicking on the "head" icon in the toolbar, go to Objects Panel, select the model you want to fix and right click to show the Repair menu item. You can also adjust the printing profile, especially the Vertex Merge Limit and Line Connection Limit parameters, using the Printing Profiles panel.

If nothing helps, we recommend you to fix the model using a pure 3D modeling software, or you can use one of specialized online services for models repairing.

Application crashes while slicing my model!

Please contact us using the Help > Contact Support menu action. This will prepare an e-mail with the application log containing information about your hardware. Please do not forget to attach the model and the printing profile with which you experienced the problem.

Why is the model slicing so slow?

There are several steps of the model slicing that are very time-consuming. However, some of them can be turned off without heavy impact on the final model quality. We recommend you to turn off Support Optimization and Avoid Retracts. For a draft printing, you can also turn off Thin parts.

For very detailed models, the model processing can be very time consuming and the software can have high memory requirements, so we recommended you to perform the model decimation to a reasonable number of triangles using a 3D modelling software of your choice.

Can I use a material different from PLA and ABS?

Current version of the software provides built in printing profiles for PLA and ABS only. To use a different material, you have to manually edit the materials.xml file located in the 3DimMaker application folder and create your own printing profiles using the Advanced Clone option from the printing profile context menu. The context menu is available on right click. In the profile, you have to change the "extruder_material" parameter value to the one you specified in materials.xml.

How can I use my profile on a different printer?

Right click the profile in the Printing Profiles panel and choose Advanced Clone from its context menu. The context menu is shown on right click. The profile will appear as a text file where you can rewrite the "printer_model" parameter value to the printer name of your choice, or leave it blank to create a generic profile for all printers.

Leaving the "printer_model" blank is not recommended because every printer usually requires a slightly different settings!

G-code created by 3DimMaker does not work properly with my printer. How can I fix it?

Please contact our technical support and send us your printer configuration, print log and the G-code so we can analyze the problem. If the problem is specific to a certain model/profile combination, please include them too.

Printer head moves are discontinuous during the printing... What is wrong?

Please decrease quality of the G-code visualization, or set focus to a different application window so that 3DimMaker does not update its 3D view to show progress of the printing.

Lines used for the G-code visualisation are blinking!

This is usually due to a bug in your graphics card driver. Please update your driver to its latest version.

Can I install 3DimMaker on multiple conputers?

If you have the single user license, you can use the software on a single computer at a time, however, you can rarely change the computer and start using the same license on a different hardware.

How do I update the software?

The software automatically checks for updates and shows you a message if a new version is available.


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