3DimMaker Features

3DimMaker is a reliable 3D printing instrument which has been designed for effortlessly printing of large and complex models even with errors. 3DimMaker uses its own robust "slicer" for slicing the model into horizontal layers and to generate the G-code.

3DimMaker is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Straightforward and intuitive usage

Five simple steps to print your first 3D model with our 3D printing wizard.

High quality 3D rendering

Detailed 3D visualization of 3D models and generated G-code.

Model Slic3r 3DimMaker

Robust slicer to generate G-code

3Dimmaker uses our proprietary slicer for complex solution of thin parts and supports. The slicer can process models which Slic3r and Cura cannot handle properly!

Printing speed optimization

The slicer optimizes generated G-code for higher printing speed - moves, retracts, etc.

Safe temperature handling and manual printer control

3DimMaker automatically turns off heating of nozzles at idle or pause printing which prevents overheating of the material. Ability to manually change the temperature and other parameters furing the printing.

Professional edition

Expert functions to place models, ability to print multiple models, print profiles management, etc.

(Anais model is licensed under Creative Commons license by Fantasygraph)

Easy object manipulation and placement

Easy control of the 3D view and manipulating objects directly in the scene.

Image1 Image2 Image3

Automatic collision detection

3DimMaker verifies the relative positions of objects and their position within the print area.

Cura 3DimMaker

Fast and stable G-code generating

The speed of our slicer is comparable to Slic3r. When compared with Cura our slicer is slower but handles correctly much more complex models and situations!

Precise printing

Printer calibration by measuring a printed test object and further refinement by adjusting position of the first perimeter.

Built-in printing profiles

Editable profiles for various 3D printers, printing quality, etc. Well-proven built-in profiles.



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